It’s true, I am what they call an “Angry Feminist”

With my senior year coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on my high school career. This reflection is partially due to the onslaught of sentimental clap-trap that has overtaken my news feed, posted by my emotional Facebook friends. I’ve noticed a trend throughout these melodramatic posts: people wondering nostalgically about what they were known for in high school. Because I…

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It’s Not Just A Joke

Content warning: this article discusses rape. Question: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: That’s not funny. This classic anti-feminist joke illustrates a common stereotype: feminists are humorless harpies. Meninist twitter references this cliché whenever they need to justify their sexist content. The “obviously sarcasm” in their bio is used as…

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“Pro-life Feminists” Are Walking Contradictions

The fight for bodily autonomy is as intrinsic to feminism as the regulation of the womb is intrinsic to the maintenance of patriarchy. That’s why so-called “pro-life feminists” are walking contradictions. Organizations like Feminists For Life are wolves in sheep’s clothing, hiding their anti-woman conservative morals under the guise of feminism. The FFL website implores you…

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