10 Things Vegetarians Want For Christmas

  1. More plant-based Christmas food. I mean, cranberries and mashed potatoes are great, but come on.
  2. Everyone to stop posting pictures of themselves hunched over in the snow, posing next to the dead animal they just hunted for sport.
  3. Actually, killing sentient beings for fun seems like the least christmas-y thing in the world. So, if all the hunters of the world could kindly destroy those hunting themed xmas decorations that would be sweeeet.
  4. The meat industry to stop polluting the environment.
  5. New gloves.
  6. For the meat-eating world to realize that protein is not only found in meat.
  7. Less plants going to feed livestock, and more plants going to feed the hungry and impoverished people of the world.
  8. People to stop using the “but meat tastes good” excuse as a reason they can’t go vegetarian. We get it, your taste buds come before your morals. Whatever.
  9. Well-intentioned relatives to stop asking us to try the Christmas ham.
  10. No more animals to die terrified and alone just to wind up on a human’s dinner plate.

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