The Story Behind “Queenfeminist”

Whenever I check my mentions I see at least one person riled up over my username, arguing that anyone with the twitter handle “queenfeminist” has to be a blatant narcissist. I doubt that anything I say will completely put that argument to bed, but I feel obliged to reveal that my intent is not actually to crown myself queen and preside over an imaginary hierarchy of feminists.

Story time! Two years ago when I made my account, my twitter handle was “NoRulesJustBabes,” which was an inside joke with a friend. And although that username got a lot of attention from horndogs, most of them unfollowed after they realized I wasn’t going to post porn. So, I started brainstorming less misleading usernames.

Around this time, a particularly annoying boy was teasing me about being an outspoken feminist. He called me “Queen feminist” as if the title was synonymous with “Queen of Shit Mountain.” So, naturally, I turned his put-down into my twitter name as a “fuck you” to him.

Perhaps I lacked foresight, but when I chose my twitter handle I never imagined having more than maybe 200 followers. I mean, the sole reason I created a twitter account was because my girlfriend at the time was obsessed with the website. I never imagined that my internet presence would stir up so much controversy that strangers would argue the merit of my twitter username.

Flash forward 30,000 followers later, and there’s no shaking my title. I even tried changing my twitter handle to @SylvaStoel for a few days, but I brought back @Queenfeminist due to popular demand. As pretentious as it appears, it has become part of my online identity. And, hey, I can’t help but chuckle when I see someone condemning my username when their username is something like “meme__luvvr2001.”


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  1. Never change, babe! Twitter haters are always the most ignorant people on the planet, and their shitty pestering is not worth your time. You are a queen 👑

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