Feminist Ally 101

Male feminists¬†walk a fine line between inserting themselves in discussions where there viewpoint isn’t relevant and being too quiet in the face of misogyny. To help all you male feminists navigate these treacherous waters, here are some of my tips on being a good ally.

  1. Know when it’s okay to talk over a woman in a discussion of sexism: never.
  2. Don’t act like you deserve a medal for being a decent human being.
  3. Being a male feminist is not going to get you laid so if that’s why you’re here then you can stop reading now.
  4. Recognize your privilege and use it to combat patriarchy. When your misogynistic dudebros are making sexist jokes or objectifying women, don’t go along with it. Call them out.
  5. ¬†If your opinion starts with “As a man, I think that women…” you should consider rephrasing it.
  6. Beware of mansplaining. Mansplaining occurs when a man tries to explain women’s issues to a woman.
  7. Your involvement in feminism is crucial, but your place in the movement is not as the leader.
  8. Don’t reclaim slurs that have never been used against you. You don’t get to call women sluts or bitches no matter how you intend it.
  9. Educate yourself. Go the extra mile and take it upon yourself to expand your knowledge of social justice by reading feminist literature.
  10. Know that feminism benefits you, too. Part of feminism is about ending the devaluation of feminine traits, which allows boys to express their feminine side without getting bullied for not fitting the bullshit macho man ideal.

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