Feminist Beauty Tips

  • Self confidence is very in this fall. If you’re not quite there yet, you can fake this look until it becomes second nature to you.
  • Don’t make rape jokes. Making light of something as serious as rape especially when the majority of society doesn’t see rape as a serious thing is completely disrespectful and will 100% make you ugly.
  • Respect other people’s pronouns. Everyone deserves to have their identity acknowledged in a respectful way whether they are cis, nonbinary, or trans.
  • Don’t follow meninist accounts. Yes, meninism is supposedly “just a joke” but their idea of humor is to make light of actual struggles that people face and that is NOT CUTE.
  • Be body positive. Celebrating your own and other people’s bodies is a very good look.
  • Wear makeup only if you feel like it, don’t do it because you think you’re obliged to because of your gender.
  • Homophobia is never pretty! Accept everyone regardless of sexual orientation and you’ll get that glow that only decent human beings possess.
  • Don’t limit your style by gendering clothing! Fuck the “men’s section” or “the women’s section,” it’s all people clothes and you should wear what you feel comfortable in as a person. #BoysInCropTops2k15 anyone?
  • Complimenting others is always a good choice because it will make others feel as beautiful as you do.
  • Be yourself! It’s okay to be inspired by other people, but don’t feel like you have to copy the people you admire. Plus, then you can invent your own never before seen look and that is tres chic!

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