10 Tips For Being Body Positive

  1. Constantly challenge your thoughts on beauty. When you call yourself ugly, question why you think you’re ugly. Don’t stop with “because I’m fat” or whatever your reason may be, think deeper. Who/what made you equate fatness with ugliness? Hint: It’s societal beauty standards.
  2. Don’t compare your real life body with the photoshopped celebrity in a magazine. Almost every person in any ad or magazine has been photoshopped to be more conventionally beautiful than they naturally are.
  3. Make an effort to find the beauty in others as well as yourself. When you’re always finding fault in other people’s bodies, you’re imposing your own standards of beauty onto them and that’s not chill!
  4. Develop a body positive mantra to use when you’re feeling insecure. My go-to is “love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet” which I stole from Mary Lambert’s song “Body Love” which is a great segue into my next tip…
  5. Surround yourself with body positivity! Listen to songs like “Body Love” or any other song that makes you feel good. Follow body positivity twitters. Look at body positive art.
  6. Cut out anything or anyone who makes you feel bad about your body. It’s impossible to completely isolate yourself from the mainstream media’s body standards, but it’s entirely in your power to stop buying body-shaming magazines, hanging out with people who make snide comments about your weight, and for God’s sake if you follow any “thinspiration” twitters unfollow them right now!
  7. Stay healthy. Exercising and eating well will make your body feel awesome. Keep yourself motivated by focusing on the short-term benefits you feel from working out: you sleep better, you feel happy, you have less stress, etc. instead of focusing on a “goal weight” or looking a certain way.
  8. Realize that in the grand scheme of things, how you look doesn’t even matter. To put shit into perspective, I want you to Google pictures of space. Are you looking at the stars, galaxies, and beautiful celestial bodies? No one’s human beauty will ever compare to that, so it doesn’t fucking matter what you look like. You know what I mean? No? Then, look at the ethereal Northern Lights, or the complexity of The Great Barrier Reef. Find something that gives you perspective.
  9. Fake it until you make it. Think of someone who is hot as fuck and doesn’t take any shit. It could be Nicki Minaj, Shane from The L Word, or any confident person you look up to. Now, pretend to be that person and channel their confidence. Would Nicki Minaj let someone body shame her? No, and neither should you.
  10. Focus on your positive qualities that have nothing to do with your appearance. You have a kick-ass personality, a dope music taste, and things to say. That can never be taken away from you.

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